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Security of the business center is provided by a professional security agency.

The security system of "World Trade Center Nizhny Novgorod" was designed by a group of security companies "Pro". For developing innovative for the Nizhny Novgorod region security system, experts of “Pro” have trained in "WTC Moscow", where the project has been successfully implemented.

A unique set of security measures, based on this experience, has been offered to “WTC Nizhny Novgorod". It includes:

  • Protection of the territory by guards-supervisors (8 guard posts)
  • Control of the fire alarm system
  • Control Video Surveillance System (perimeter, common areas, archiving 14 days)
  • Control of the access to the building system
  • Monitor the status of the alarm
  • Security of public events (alarm buttons on the floors in the common areas)

Securities provide round-the-clock physical protection of personnel, visitors and the preservation of wealth tenants of the business center. Add to this, another alarm button can be installed in the leased area. 


WTC Nizhny Novgorod