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Lease terms

 We offer the following lease terms:

  • Long-term lease agreement with the mandatory registration
  • Use a clean rental rates
  • Fixed indexation of lease payments
  • Security deposit in the amount of rent for one month
  • You can rent a parking place in the parking of WTC
  • Lease payments do not include the costs of cleaning, internet and energy bills in a rented room

The procedure of signing the tenancy agreement:

  1. The parties signed a Letter of Intent, which reflects the basic terms of the lease
  2. Parties sign short-term lease agreement for a period of 11 months, on the same date the Parties sign long-term lease agreement
  3. On the date of signing, WTC transfers leased area to tenant
  4. Upon receipt of the first payment from the Tenant Long-term lease agreement is transferred to the state registration
  5. As a result of the state registration of long-term lease agreement, parties sign an agreement to terminate the short-term lease contract.


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