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Nizhny Novgorod takes a six place among Russian cities comparing existing international brands

20 February 2014 year.

The company “Magazin magazinov” made the rating of Russian cities comparing existing international brands in them. Nizhniy Novgorod lags behind from the leader – Moscow – in three times.

As the authors of the research notice, the top-five of the cities in quantity of represented international brands has been staying invariable for three years during this kind of monitoring.  Traditionally the most developed markets of real estate and network retail take the first three places in this rating. They are Moscow, which represents 94 percents of common quantity of international brands presented  in Russia; Saint-Petersburg (54 %) and Yekaterinburg (40%); then go Krasnodar (33%) and Rostov-on-Don (32%). 

Nizhniy Novgorod has 120 large international brands and that’s 28 % percents of all international brands represented in Russia.  In comparison, Moscow has  400 ones.

These ratings prove evidently that international retail goes to the regions for high-qualified trade centers. The cities, where high-qualified trade centers don’t appear, lose inevitably their positions in this rating. Experts notice that it concerns such cities as Perm, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Tomsk and Novokuznetsk.

Andrey Vasyutkin, the Head of Research and Consulting Department of the company “Magazin magazinov”, thinks that mentioned cities must be considered in the nearest future regarding the expansion of networks.

The results of preliminary negotiations prove retailers’ high interest in these markets. “Thus, for example, all the large international retailers questioned by us are ready for considering the opening in several shopping and recreation centers “- he draws the conclusion.

Additional information: 

The research “International brands: the extent of development in Russia” , which the company “Magazin magazinov” has been conducting annually for three years, includes more than 400 international brands in 36 Russian cities, studies their presence and finds differences which depends on their  profiles and regions. It gives the idea about the main trends of development of network retail in the Russian Federation.

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