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WTC History

The development of World Trade Centers began in the 60-th years of the XX- century. WTCA was founded in 1970 with the assistance of the Economic Council of the United Nations. The headquarters of the WTCA is located in New York, USA.

Most of the WTC have their own infrastructure.

All of WTCs provide a standard set of services: business information, business consulting, organization of exhibitions, conferences and seminars, office rental and hotel services, communications and sales training, recreational and entertainment services.  However, through its work, WTC takes into account some regional characteristics of the region.

Schemes of WTC are varied between each other. However, the most common form of investment is involving the specific organizations such as the administration of the regions, the city administration, banks, insurance companies, Chamber of comers, government organizations, the media (control of airports, ports).

In many countries (especially in Europe) WTC is a part of the structure of Chamber of comers. At the same time, WTC and Chamber of comers do not perceive each other as competitors; they see each other as potential assistants in the implementation of development plans for the region.

The highest concentration of the world trade center is in Europe, where there are more than 100, in the United States has about 60 Centers in Russia until 10 Centers..

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